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    The world we live in now is different than any before it

    With technology, communication, and crowd sourced knowledge – radical new ways of doing things more efficiently, effectively and honestly are now possible

  • Who We Are

    We are a company of global citizens building our future culture and raising human consciousness by offering civic empowerment technology which is designed to maximize individual freedom for the express purpose of increasing a person's ability to effectively create positive change in the world.

    Our Mission

    To be a global network of citizen compassion.

    Together, we empower human coexistence by cooperating to create maximum individual freedom within ourselves, our relationship with others, and throughout the world.

    What We Do

    The world is continually integrating economically, socially and technologically. As we evolve towards global decentralized governance and political systems, Citizen’s Cafe is solving the barriers to this human evolution with our first technology, RealityFinder.


    RealityFinder is a civic empowerment application which provides the tools for people to collaborate online, conduct investigations, and discover the truth behind the media’s reports and hot button issues to see what is real, and what is fake news. Users of this platform investigate information they come across online and earn social cryptocurrency for their efforts.


    The sole mission of RealityFinder is to eliminate ignorance from society by combating fake news through this crowd investigation platform. In addition to mining social cryptocurrency, users can also donate their local fiat currency to reward current investigators, or motivate action on an open investigation by placing a financial bounty on it. RealityFinder forms the technical bedrock and foundation necessary to achieve the full solution set offered by Citizen’s Cafe.

    Looking Ahead

    RealityFinder is the first of many tools Citizen's Cafe will provide as part of our full solution set to change how democracy works in America and around the world. Our goal is to empower you to work with others to create and lead non-violent democratic change you want to see in your communities. In addition, Citizen’s Cafe acts as a RealSocial Network, where you can continue to collaborate and impact change in your local government, as well as hold the media accountable. These tools will be developed based on the changing needs of society, with Citizen’s Cafe at the center, acting as the heart and mind of these toolsets, all while keeping human consciousness top of mind.

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