• #RealSocial

    What is it?


    Home of the American Revolution - physically, it started in Boston, Massachusetts. Its historical relevance to our mission provided the proper physical environment necessary to cultivate and inspire an impulse to begin our journey of shaping the future.


    Of course, in the 21st century we are all connected.


    All of us, as global citizens of planet Earth, have this in common. Technology has gotten us this far and #RealSocial represents a strong commitment to continuing this journey. We want to explore technology's ability to help us define a more positive global culture - one where individual freedom is maximized, where diversity in identity is used as a natural point of integration versus using identity as a point of division and fear, and where people act and behave in a self-aware state versus the self-defensive state which produces much of the toxicity we see today in human relations online and beyond.

    using technology to make the world a better place

    Sounds simple right?


    We all know how impossibly complicated it is for the ordinary human stuck in the trappings of society to achieve any amount of success in these regards. Let's face it, the social networks we currently use today have not significantly empowered ordinary citizens to impact the course of events in their governments and nations as a whole. However, the social networks we currently use today do significantly empower central authorities to impact the course of events in our individual lives and nations as a whole.


    Where does that leave the individual? Where is our technology for enormous impact?

    Citizen's Cafe seeks to change this reality and be the change in reality. Without the correct company, technology for enormous impact is impossible to manifest.


    The Citizen's Cafe community operates under a cohesive set of values. Simple principles and ideas are kept in mind. The desire to seek the truth in all things and evolve to a higher state of conscience and consciousness is our goal. We want to raise human consciousness on a global scale.


    It is with this mighty attitude and strength of conviction in purpose where we find our foundation to happily break bread together and create technology for enormous impact.


    • #RealSocial is a state of mind one acquires when one is ready to dedicate their life to making the world a better place.
    • #RealSocial is a recognition that no one needs permission to make the world a better place.
    • #RealSocial is acknowledging the reality that our generation is desperately missing the quality of civic and social leaders previous generations had the blessings of experiencing.
    • #RealSocial is fully understanding the one-way state of surveillance and data collection that occurs on the public by both public and private institutions today and how that creates an asymmetric power dynamic working against individual freedom and liberty.
    • #RealSocial is a curious and healthy desire to connect with others of opposing views and engage in civil discourse for the purpose of self-development, growth, and of potentially having a compassionate, cooperative, and creative experience with other human beings.
    • #RealSocial is a network where people go to engage with their reality, not escape from it. 
    • #RealSocial is the network people seek to challenge their own belief systems, exchange critical thoughts with one another and work cooperatively with others towards a positive tangible impact on our neighborhoods, communities, and societies.
    • #RealSocial is integrating technology with the spirit of mankind to create the most civically empowering technology the world has yet to see.
    • #RealSocial is personally experiencing the patience, commitment, strength and effort required to build a new culture and raise human consciousness on a global scale without fear.
    It's time to get Real. #RealSocial
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